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Flashcard Hero now supports Spaced Repetition (aka Leitner System)

The Flashcard Hero app now supports the Spaced Repetition learning technique (also known as the Leitner System). Updates are available for all editions of the app: iPhone/iPad, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. With the recent update, you can now see... Read more

Case Study: Using Flashcard Hero for Continuous Medical Education

Meet Alessandro. He is a medical doctor from Catania (Sicily, Italy) and uses the Flashcard Hero app for his continuous medical education memorizing diagnostic criteria and pharmacological interactions between drugs. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about... Read more

How to make your own flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to memorize facts, wether you are learning a new language, studying for Med school, Psychology, business, law, or any other subject where you have to study and recall lots of facts in a short amount... Read more

Flashcard Hero iPhone app now available on the App Store

Studying your flashcards on the go is now possible with the new Flashcard Hero iPhone app. Your cards are transferred between your Mac and iPhone though iCloud. As you study and rate cards, your study progress is updated in the... Read more

Interview: Tommy Zai on teaching English in China

Tommy Zai is a certified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and licensed psychotherapist working with “at risk” teens in an under-developed area of China. He got in touch asking for a free Flashcard Hero license to use in... Read more

Big update: print cards, better formulas, study both ways, and more

Version 1.4 of Flashcard Hero adds 5 of the most requested features. Let's jump right in! Printing flashcards You can now print your decks via the File > Print menu. The cards will be arranged for double-sided printing. Depending on... Read more

How to video: sharing flashcards with others

Here is a short demonstration how to share your flashcards with others. Sharing was introduced with version 1.3 (free update in the Mac App Store). Read more

Share flashcards online with the new Flashcard Hero update

The biggest new feature in version 1.3 of Flashcard Hero is the ability to share flashcards with your friends online. In the top right corner you will notice a new "share" icon to upload your cards to the web and... Read more