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Message: Document was modified on another device


The message “The document was modified on another device” shows when a document in iCloud Drive is open at the same time on multiple devices (most likely the iPhone/iPad or Mac app) and then changed on one of the other devices.

iCloud downloads the changes made on the other device, but you then have two versions of the document: the local copy with the changes you just made and the copy of the document downloaded through iCloud.

What happens next

The Windows app will prompt you to save your local copy of the document as a new file. You can then continue to make changes to that new file. The original document remains in iCloud and the incoming changes are saved as a new internal version of that document. You can see and restore these internal document versions through the Flashcard Hero iPhone/iPad and Mac app (see below).

Restoring changes from a different document version (iOS)

  1. Open the Flashcard Hero iPhone or iPad app
  2. Tap on the deck in question. If there are version conflicts, they will be shown, otherwise you will see the list of cards
    • If there are conflicts, pick the version(s) you would like to keep
    • Close the deck
  3. Back at the list of decks, swipe from the right to left on the deck in question to reveal more options
  4. Tap on “Versions”
    • Here you can see recent versions of the document and save copies of each

Restoring changes from a different document version (macOS)

The Mac app will automatically show a message in case there are version conflicts when a deck is opened. To see and restore previous document versions:

  • Open the document with the Flashcard Hero Mac app
  • Select the menu: File → Revert To → Browse All Versions…