Flashcard Hero User Guide

Import cards from other apps/websites

You can import flashcards from other apps and websites that support cards in the TSV (tab separated values) text format.

Files of the TSV format typically end in .tsv. These are plain text files with each card on a separate line, question and answer separated by a Tab symbol.

Most other apps allow exporting/downloading cards in the TSV format. Just make sure you either select “TAB” as separation character.

Alternatively you can also export cards in the CSV (comma separated values) format. Here the separation character is a single comma “,”.

Importing TSV/CSV files into Flashcard Hero

  1. Export your cards as .tsv or .csv file
  2. Open the Flashcard Hero app and select the menu File > Import > From .tsv or .csv fileā€¦
  3. Select your .tsv or .csv file

Note: Images and text formatting are not supported when exporting/importing cards in the TSV or CSV formats. If you would like to share your cards including images, please use the built-in sharing mechanism (see here).