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Flashcard Hero now supports Spaced Repetition (aka Leitner System)

The Flashcard Hero app now supports the Spaced Repetition learning technique (also known as the Leitner System). Updates are available for all editions of the app: iPhone/iPad, macOS, and Windows 10 devices.

With the recent update, you can now see right away which cards are due today and in the upcoming days. The more often you correctly recall a card, the less often you need to review it. The app takes care of tracking the progress for each card along with its due date.

Should you forget the facts on a card, that card moves back to the start and is scheduled for review again the very next day.

How to use the new Spaced Repetition feature

macOS & Windows:

  • Click on Progress → Spaced Repetition


  1. Open a deck
  2. Swipe down on the list of cards to reveal the grouping options above the first card
  3. Tap the box symbol with the two cards sticking out