Flashcard Hero 2.0 Beta


  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • iOS 8
  • Optional: iCloud Drive activated (you can also try the beta without iCloud)

Installing the Beta Version on your Mac

Note: Nothing will happen to your existing decks. The Beta version will make a copy of your existing decks into a new folder.

  1. Make a new Time Machine backup (that’s good practice before trying any beta software)
  2. Move your decks out of iCloud (so that the beta version can find them):
    1. Open the current version of the app
    2. Select the menu: Flashcard Hero → Store Decks on this Mac Only
    3. Quit the current version of the app
  3. Download the latest update of the iOS app from the App Store (version 1.6 adds support for the new file format)
  4. Download the Flashcard Hero Beta to your Mac: Flashcard Hero Beta.zip

To have the decks that the beta version created (the “.flashcards” files) show in the iPhone app, follow these new iCloud instructions.

Providing feedback about the beta

  • Through the Google Docs Feedback Form
  • Should the app crash, open it again and when asked, please submit the crash report
  • You can also always just get in touch

Uninstalling the beta version

  1. Quit the app and drag it to the Trash
  2. Drag the .flashcards files into the Trash if you don’t want to use them anymore (or keep them around to use with the official update distributed through the Mac App Store)

Note: You can continue to use the beta version until the official update becomes available in the Mac App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my existing decks?

Nothing, the beta will make a copy of your data into a new folder.

Why does it say I’m not signed in to iCloud although I am?

That’s because the Beta is not distributed through the Mac App Store. Direct iCloud access is only possible for App Store apps. You can still open decks in iCloud by double-clicking them in Finder.