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The Back to School Mac App Store Bundle

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Flashcard Hero
Easy to use flashcard study app
by Kitestack Software | Regular price: $14.99, now: $6.99
  • Memorize anything with the Flashcard Hero study app. You can write your own flashcards and study on your Mac and iPhone (free iPhone app included), all while the app keeps track of your progress.
  • Built like a text editor, you can express even complex facts using images, lists, and formatted text.
  • Group your cards into topics to reflect chapters in your text books, print your cards, exchange cards with others. Also works with iCloud.
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Lecture note taking and audio recording
by Dear Panda LLC | Regular price: $4.99, now: $1.99
  • Take notes and record audio during classes and meetings, sync over iCloud to your Mac or other iOS devices.
  • CourseNotes helps you stay organized by keeping notes arranged by subject and class meeting.
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Extensible clipboard manager
by Pilotmoon Software | Regular price: $4.99, now: $1.99
  • PopClip appears when you select text on your Mac with your mouse, offering instant access to actions like copy and paste, search, dictionary, spelling, and much more.
  • With over 100 free extensions such as Send to Evernote, Google Translate and Add to Reading List, PopClip has a productivity-boosting add-on to streamline any task.
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Magic Number
A better calculator
by Seed Ltd. | Regular price: $9.99, now: $4.99
  • Magic Number is a cool, intelligent calculator. Enter ? + 8 = 25 and you get ? = 17
  • See your calculation as an easy to understand math expression. Edit anytime. And feel free to use fractions, percentages, and complex numbers.
  • Sail through trigonometry, statistics, and beyond. Everything is a breeze. From science to economics, students and teachers are enjoying Magic Number.
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MindMaple Pro
Powerful mind mapping tool
by MindMaple Inc. | Regular price: $4.99, now: $1.99
  • Visually map your ideas and thoughts with MindMaple Pro. Mind mapping is great for note taking, planning, brainstorming, and managing projects.
  • MindMaple is an emotional mind mapping software with a natural mind mapping interface which can add or move topics just like drawing in a notebook.
  • Adding notes and attaching files works as well.
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